paintings by picasso Eastport NY

About Picasso

Selected from the personal collection inherited by Marina Picasso, Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter, these pieces showcase famous Picasso art in Eastport, NY. After Pablo Picasso’s death, his granddaughter Marina authorized the printing of these original lithographs, now known as the Picasso Estate Collection. The lithographs were meticulously created after the original works, including oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, and charcoal drawings, by Master Chromist Marcel Salinas, who worked closely with Picasso in his lifetime.

Lithograph on Arches paper, hand signed and numbered by Marina Picasso. Picasso estate blind stamp on the front lower margin and an ‘Approved by the heirs of Pablo Picasso’ ink stamp on the reverse of each lithograph. Notably, art Picasso paintings and Picasso art for sale are available in our gallery.

Under each poster image, there is a stamp confirming it is a limited edition handmade poster, showing on the right the name of each investor who paid $100,000 to have the rights from Marina Picasso. From the edition of signed and numbered litho handmade 500 units, there are also 1,000 poster lithos made in 1983 on Arches paper. Paintings by Picasso Eastport NY are in stock, and the exact edition number you may receive may be different than pictured as there are several of each.