About Us


Garett Stephens Gallery was established in Southampton in 1989 -1999 for 10 years with Peter Max and Marilyn Goldberg. Now the Garett Stephens Gallery.com was Re - Established as a domestic LLC limited liability company registered at 15 S Bay Avenue Eastport NY 11941.

Marilyn Goldberg Intimately involved with every client, Marilyn strategic and growth-oriented approach makes her an indispensable partner and trusted advisor to artists, clients, & home owners. She lives at being relentlessly passionate about doing what’s right for her Interior Design clients, her Artists, her Celebrities, Museums, & their brands and their promotion for sales and acknowledgement. A lifelong advocate for inclusion and social justice, Marilyn has prioritized and invested deeply in programs, approaches and efforts that drive systemic changes and positive impact within her business, industry and society at large.

Marilyn’s dedication to excellence and visionary mindset have earned industry recognition.  In 2007, she was inducted to the Art Expo Top Artists Hall of Fame the first time the prestigious honor was bestowed upon a leader & Pioneer of Artists promotions and major development enhancing her artists prices to maximum high art sales! the Museum Gift Shop Art Work of the Museum Art World and International Representation of excellent design skills & started her collection at The Guggenheim Museum, After words wanted by all Top Artists contacting her, from Van Gong, Picasso, Dali, Erte, Giancarlo Impiglia, Warhol (in addition to Mercedes Benze in Stuttgart) Keith Haring Bob Marlet, John Lenon, Tamara de lempicka to name a few!. She was also given the award for the Hero of Creativity and the award as “Queen of Art Industry” Person of the decade! In the past 3 years an assortment of Top new living Artists were instructed by her on concepts for New Vatican art was created and brought to Vatican City with past favorite cardinal paintings done for The Pope!

Marilyn Goldberg is a graduate of Boston University School of Fine Art And NY University of Interior Design. She also  provides innovative and transformative interior design for her clients  emphasizing the impact of professionally designed, homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants with her creative skills, plus assisting her clients t with carpet colors, and designs, and all needed furnishings and selecting the appropriate art and color, matting and framing on appropriately selected art for her clients,  emphasizing the impact of professionally designed space and viewing Art on walls for health, relaxation and well being!